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Name:Mokona Modoki
Birthdate:Feb 14
Good drawing.
Likes sweet stuff.
Gem in forehead:RED/ Magic

Soel, better known as "White Mokona" is a small, white, rabbit-like creature that loves to eat and has the ability to teleport between different worlds.

It is one of the Mokonas created by Yuko and Clow. It was given to the Tsubasa group after their first meeting with Yuko in her shop. When Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, and Fai arrived at Yūko's house with their varying objectives, Mokona was given to the group in exchange for something precious from each of them. The name Soel comes from the rune Sôwilô meaning sun.

It was responsible of locating the feathers (this happens whether Mokona is conscious or not, and it may only have a brief impression of having done so), crossing worlds, aids the group to understand each other (as it's revealed later on, they wouldn't be able to communicate without Mokona), and helps them to communicate with Yuko -thanks to Larg- and to exchange objects, very often the prices they pay along their journey.

As for it's personality, it's always happy and hyperactive, sometimes giving an humoristic touch to the unbelievable situations, and like Larg, enjoys alcoholic drinks. It's very well known to love teasing Kurogane along with Fai as well. Despite this, Kurogane does protect Mokona, even if he would rather hit it repeatedly. Mokona also developed a close friendship with Sakura, particularly when they worked at the cafe in Ōto.

Mokona has often boasted to the travelling companions of its 108 secret techniques. These often come in handy and are equally often quite bizzare! Some of these secret techniques are as follows:

1. Super Voice Imitation (much to the annoyance of Kuro-puu!),
2. Translating (this is how the group can communicate),
3. Super Dramatic Power - Extreme Acting
4. Extreme Sneaking-In Houses, like a thief!
5. Dimensional travel (only White Mokona can travel between worlds)
6. Super Disguise (its very convincing!)
7. Super Sharp-Sensing (detecting true feelings)
8. Super Suction Power (of variable strength)
9. Super Magnestism
10. Hyper Gravity
11. Extreme Transformation
12. Drawing Capabilities
13. Sense the feathers (goes "Meykon!")
14. Clairvoyance
15. Flirting
16. Singing
17. Tease
18. Intercommunicate throughout dimensions
19. Making Friends
20. Super Strength
21. Aumenting magic (White Mokona can increase magical powers with its earring)
22. Teleport items between each other
23. Immunity to bad luck
24. Drink alcohol
25. N'CHA Cannon (a reference to the manga series Doctor Slump)
26. Play Chess
27. Knit
28. Super Deductive Reasoning
29. Eating Apples Whole
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